Evochron Legends

Evochron Legends 1.208

An interactive multipurpose simulation game

The Evochron Legends is an interactive game that features various game play activities and selections. This game includes simulated options such as trading, buying, bribing, negotiating, racing, spying, transporting, mining, escorting, exploring, recruiting, protecting, clearing paths through asteroid fields, cleaning equipment, hiring crew members, designing ships, harvesting fuel, etc.

The Evochron Legends is a free form space simulation game with innovative features. There are various in game options such as ships, upgrades, money, equipment and commodities that players earn throughout the game.

This product can be used in both single and multiplayer game modes. In this game, you don’t have to give up your own progress while switching between game modes.

There are also trade lanes and wrap gates to restrict your travel. The Evochron Legends is a seamless universe without any system walls. You can travel as long as there is fuel available.

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